Sunday, November 15, 2009

Argyll Pub

2700 E. 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206
(720) 382-1117

2 out of 3 visits to Argylls were wonderful. The 3rd visit had us wondering if we'd ever return. But we did, with our British friend in tow to help us make a fair assessment of Argylls. There is no dispute that it is a great place to bring kids for atmosphere. In warm weather, the patio complete with a fountain is a great place for kids to be free. In the colder weather or more crowded times, it is pretty loud inside so their noise easily gets absorbed in the general pub atmosphere.

The beer list is as extensive as one would expect and hope. The guys ordered a special double IPA that is only available on the weekends. It was rich and complex and generally the best beer I have ever tasted. Our British friend agreed- it was the best beer he has had the US. The wine list was also interesting and changes frequently.

Potato crisps are brought to every table in lieu of bread. They were a little greasy but tasty and came with a thick sweet vinegar dipping sauce. We also started with pickled autumn vegetables that were a hit with the kids and reminded our friend of his parents home cooking.

There is a children's menu and we were excited that it had unexpected items, like a pizza with tomato jam. Unfortunately, though the adults were quite fond of it, it was way too peppery for the kids and none of them ate it. This was the one negative of the night since it was an item only available on the kids menu but apparently not cooked with kids in mind. They shared the other kid meals like pasta and chicken fingers that were more typical.

My husband ordered meat on top of meat, apparently having recovered from the Berkshire bacon overload. The “House” Cured “Snake River” Pork Belly w/ a Carrot Puree, Pickled Greens & an Apple Cider & Sage Reduction was a huge hit with everyone including the kids. The puree was creamy and rich and balanced all the components. He then add Choucroute Garnie- Alsatian Classic of Smoked Pork Sausages, Pork Belly, Knockwurst w/ Juniper Berries, Sauerkraut, Potatoes & Mustards. Basically a big bowl of meat which no one at the table offered to help him eat. The fish and chips were a huge hit and again the most authentic our friend has found in Denver- though he would have preferred straight up vinegar rather then the same sweet sauce that came with our crisps. My Duck Two Ways came with Crispy Duck Breast w/ Spiced Fennel Puree & Duck Confit w/ Apples, Pears, Swiss Chard & Green Peppercorns and was delicious. The confit was my favorite, very tender and well cooked.

The kids wanted ice cream for dessert and were told the flavor of the night was mint basil. We were all pleasantly surprised by how much they loved it. The banana bread pudding was another perfect replication and a big hit with the table.

So, the fourth time was the deciding factor and Argyll's has definitely restored itself in our book. With such glowing remarks of authenticity, we know Argyll is really trying and achieving something different and exciting in Denver.

Kids menu: Y
Kid friendly: **1/2

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