Monday, November 2, 2009

The Berkshire

The Berkshire
7352 East 29th Street
Denver, Colorado 80238
(303) 321-4010

Raise your hand if you like bacon? I actually don't but I was taking one for the team since it's my husbands favorite food group. The Berkshire's motto is 'swine, wine and a good time.' It has a great neighborhood feel, if your neighborhood is anywhere near Stapleton, otherhwise it was quite a trek across town for us.

We made reservations on a Sunday but they weren't necessary.Entering the restaurant, we were bombarded by TV's and were seated at a table with a prefect view of at least 3 of them. There is a back room that is much quieter and has no tv access so that would definitely be a suggestion for next time. For kids who rarely watch tv, mine completely zoned out, which actually made for a really calm and enjoyable dinner.

There is a kids menu with fun things like ants on the log. But the main menu is also really suited to kids. They shared 'The King' sandwich with peanut butter, caramleized banana, and bacon, with a side of cottage cheese and the special soup- broccoli cheddar. They happily ate while glued to the tv.

I struggled a little with the menu though there quite a few bacon free items. I started the haystack beet salad which came a little differently then expected with beets cubed and mixed with goat and then place in a big shaped heap on top of 2 pieces of lettuce. There was a date puree and chopped pistachios on the side. Though it tasted good it was confusing to eat. I then had ahi tuna sliders, which also surprised me when they came to they table with little white bread type buns. The tuna was perfectly cooked and topped with ginger and wasabi aoili and quite tasty. My sister's 'porky's inferno' sandwhich had pulled pork with pickles, cole slaw and bbq sauce which she thought was well cooked and flavorful.

My husband ordered the bacon sampler and for a while was in pig heaven. It was only after he had the pork belly for an entree that he stated he finally understood while pork belly is usually just an appetizer. He actually said it was too rich. And he hasn't craved bacon or anything pig related since. Can there actually be such a thing as too much bacon?

We did not have dessert though I really had hoped someone would try the bacon cream puffs just to say they had. Overall, a good neighborhood place, if your in the neighborhood and love TV and bacon.

Kids menu: Y
Food: ** 1/2
Kid friendly:***

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  1. Oh my gosh! I soooo love bacon! That place sounds great! Which sister was there with you?