Saturday, December 26, 2009

Earl's- Cherry Creek

When I suggested we go to the new Earls's for dinner, my brother informed us it is only know for the hot women who work there. He wasn't far from true. The most memorable part of our meal was the noise and the waitress ( who has since called said brother after he left his card with the bill.)

As soon as we exited the car at the valet stand, (the only sane way to park in Cherry Creek at xmas time) we were told the restaurant has no high chairs or booster seats. While not a problem for us these days, it certainly sent a clear message. There is no childrens menu, but there are several kid friendly items on the menu, such as edamame, clam chowder, burgers and sandwiches, noodle dishes, cheesy garlic bread.

Though we all enjoyed our meals, they weren't very memorable. The curry chicken I had was spicy and flavorful and each plate had a slight element of surprise.

Probably a place better enjoyed with a group of men or a group of women so you can participate in the scoping and checking out that is occuring throughout the restaurant.