Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flagstaff House

1138 Flagstaff Drive
Boulder, CO 80302-9510

The view is incredible, the service impeccable, the food creative and original, equaling a memory to pull out on nights when you are eating quesdillas and beans at home.

The sheer number of items brought to our table that we didn't order is astounding. It started with a rabbit statue holding mini toasts with different dips, an amuse bouche of a chicken pot pie of sorts with duck confit, an intermezzo, an eggnog panna cotta before our ordered dessert, small bite size cookies after our dessert and a small loaf of pumpkin spice bread to take home for breakfast. So even though you pay a small fortune to eat dinner here, you do feel like you get what you pay for, with all the extras.

My favorite part of dinner at Flagstaff House is ordering coffee. A large plate comes to your table with several small compartments containing different sugars, mints, chocolates, whip cream and candy. By far the most decadent coffee I have ever created.

For a evening you won't want to forget soon, Flagstaff House is certainly a wonderful place where all you food fantasies can come true.

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