Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cherry Creek Grill

184 Steele Street
Denver, CO 80206-5216
(303) 322-3524

Cherry Creek Grill is an old favorite and a good standby for kid friendly dining. The difference this time was it was also adult friendly (with the small exception of the waiter immediately asking my husband to remove his hat the minute he sat at the table, as if he were 6 and didn't know any better). We boycotted CCG for quite some time because the hostesses were always so snooty and rude and it did not feel like a welcoming place we wanted to spend our money.

This time, we were greeted warmly, smiled at effusively, seated immediately (because we know to show up way early) and treated well to a delicious meal.

The menu it casual and solid and doesn't change much, with the exception of fresh fish dishes of the day and soup. The salads are hearty and wholesome, the meats rotisserie roasted and well prepared, and the grilled artichoke is always a smoky tender favorite.

The kids have several options that are a cut above the usual kids fare, plus they gets toys brought to them right at the table.

The hit of the evening was the dessert which I will be dreaming about for months to come and plotting my way back for more. Not something I typically order, the banana cream pie was more a pile of goodness then any type of pie formation. The crust was cookie crumbs and ground nuts, with a light custard, fresh bananas, whipped cream, caramel sauce and chocolate chips all piled on top. So good.

Definitely a place to remember- earlier in the evening- for a great meal out.

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