Saturday, January 30, 2010

Table 6

609 Corona Street
Denver, CO
(303) 831-8800

Every neighborhood has or needs that go to place. When you don't feel like cooking and want to just walk out our door and have someone else do all the work. Lucky for our family, that place is Table 6, literally a block from our home.

Though not a restaurant one would typically think of for taking kids, they are surprising accommodating. There is not a childrens menu but pasta and chicken are always available and customizable to your kids preferences.

The menu changes seasonally and often contains both hits and misses. One of our favorites appeertizers(I like to pretend I order it for the kids) is marcona almond tator tots with a slightly spicy tomato dipping sauce (though that changes seasonally too.) There is almost always a vegetarian entree on the menu. The soups are satisfying, the salads fresh and seasonal and the flavor combinations original and surprisingly successful.

I am not the first to rave about Table 6 here in Denver, though I might be one of the few fans to highly recommend it for a family night out.

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