Monday, March 15, 2010

Another mediocre restaurant on 6th ave.

Campagna Salumi Bar and Pizzeria
1120 E 6th Ave
Denver, CO 80218
(720) 389-8773 (though it still just says coming soon)

We have lived in the neighborhood for 5 years and have seen 5 different restaurants occupy the spot at 1120 E 6th ave. Each time we get super excited. And almost every time, we have been disappointed. And while we are not yet writing Campagna off, we were hoping for a better concept. To the restaurants defense, no one in our family adores pizza. We like it but could easily live without it. So perhaps we are not the best judge of this new pizza place. And yet, here I am, judging.

The menu consists of several appetizers like eggplant parm, ribollita soup, meats and cheese plates. There are also salads and several pizzas. Nothing was amazing and nothing sucked. The eggplant was tasty but totally unappealing on the plate, all sloppy and oozy. The kids liked the meats and cheeses and that is all they wanted to eat.

The chef/owner Chef Alex Gurevich has 2 other restaurants that we are big fans of(Limon and Cafe Bisque in Lakewood) and were hoping to be lovers of this one as well. We were also hoping more would be done to update and change the space, which has looked very similar in all its incarnations (that side lounge space really needs to go.) Perhaps Campagna just needs to work out it's new restaurant kinks (and maybe change the menu to add more options than just pizza for dinner, in my humble opinion.)

We will be back if only to make a final decision in a month or two. Until then, let us know your thoughts as you try out the newest spot in the hood. And check up soon for our judgement call.

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