Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deluxe Burger

5325 E. Colfax, Denver

Here's an obviously kid friendly place that adults will beg to go to. And even non meat eaters can be happily satisfied here.

Deluxe Burger shares the space with Mod Living on East Colfax. The store has fun and interesting furniture upstairs and vintage (flashback to my childhood furniture) in the basement.

The eating space is small with a handful of two tops that can be brought together for to make four tops and a counter with about 10 stools. You order at the counter and wait patiently will the amazing smells of the other lucky eaters wafts around you.

The kids meals come in paper rocket ships complete with a small alien to play with. The size is perfect- a mini hamburger came with a handful of fries and a drink.

There are several options of burgers including tuna, chicken, and falafel as well as beef. You can create your own concoction or go with the signature burgers.

There are a few different variations of fries including sweet potato, and truffle and parm. You can pick up ketchup and mustard in already portioned off containers when you get your silverware. The mustard is actually more of a sauce that goes wonderful with the truffle fries.

We also tried the tomato basil soup with was rich, creamy and fresh. There are salad options that can be topped with the various burgers or meats. And milkshakes that were making kids and adults alike smile.

This is a place that has sticking power. And guaranteed you will be begging your kids to let you go back again and again.

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  1. This place sounds fun! The falafel burger sounds fantastic!