Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hits and Misses at LaLa's

Lala's Wine Bar and Pizzeria
410 E. 7th Ave
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 861-9463

It's hard to imagine a pizza place that isn't kid friendly. But Lala's adds some nice touches that makes it especially friendly for both kids and adults.

Kids are given a heap of raw pizza dough almost the minute they sit down. There is ample time to play with it, fling it, throw it on the floor and even eat it if they are some inclined. It is then whisked away and brought back at the end of the meal- baked and covered with cinnamon sugar and honey (and they even bring handy wipes on the side.)

For the adults, the wonderful happy hour specials on the large wine list help you to ignore all the dough flinging. During happy hour, (which seems to last for a liberally long time) wines over $10 a glass are half price and wines under $10 are $5

The menu includes several choices of meats and cheeses to make your own salumi plate as well as a variety of dips that come with warm flat breads. One appetizer that did not work for me was the Roman artichokes which were overly breaded and fried and accompanied with a sauce that was too mayo heavy for my tastes. There are several large tasty salads that make a great lunch, (our favorite is the Rosso e Oro beet salad) a few sandwich type items and a variety of pizzas- some with red sauce, some naked.

Additionally every night there are several specials that include pastas, meats and fish entrees. We usually order on of these when we dine in. Some have been spectacular. This last time I had raviolis with a red pepper sauce and pesto and it all just worked so well together. Other times the specials have been disappointing- usually the meat dishes. Like the pepper steak that my husband last ordered. The only thing he could taste was pepper.

The kids menu includes pizza, pasta, chicken fingers (with a side of honey for dipping- a huge hit among our little people) and a meatball sandwich (which once arrived at the table too spicy for even the adults too eat. While we were told was a mistake, no one has ever had the courage to order it again)

The pizzas are usually a hit and we have been known to serve Lala's when we have friend over for dinner (they have a super snazzy scooter delivery guy.) I am a big fan of the Il David and the meat eaters among us love the Pizze Arista.

There is definitely a young hipster loud vibe that comes through later in the evening at Lala's but lunch or early evenings are great times for families. Ask for the table to the right of the door. It is more private and quiet and great for a loud messy family.

As I have stated before, we are not huge pizza eaters. That's why Lala's is such a great place for us. There are several other options, but the pizza rocks if we are so inspired. Oh, and did I mention the happy hour?

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