Friday, March 19, 2010

Not your typical Italian

NoRTH Cherry Creek
190 Clayton Lane
Denver, CO 80206

I was reminded of an old favorite last night- NoRTH in Cherry Creek. Though the menu sounds good on paper, everything is even better that you'd expect. The vibe is hip, open and bright. The waitresses are ultra perky. And though there is no children's menu, they are happy to accommodate children and adjust menu items or offer half size portions.

Again, just a reminder, my kids are not your typical eaters. That said, they had an amazing meal at NoRTH (silly spelling with all these capitals, even though I love Capitalizing things that should not be Capitalized!)

I had the most perfect drink. Prosecco with passion fruit juice (I could have chosen berry juice or white peach juice instead.) The drink was sweet and tart and tasted exactly like passion fruit which brought back wonderful memories.

Olives arrive as soon as you are seated. My daughter had the opportunity to learn that she not only likes green ones, now she likes the black ones too. Bread and butter arrive shortly after and while I can usually pass up bread at the table, I am a sucker for flavored butters. Last night's was sun dried tomato- creamy, smooth and slightly tart. We had artichoke hearts for a starter. They were lightly sauteed in mustard and balsamic vinegar with truffle oil liberally garnishing the plate (also great with the bread.) The kids loved them and asked for more.

I have never been able to order anything at NoRTH but the "not your typical" chicken lasagna. A few large loose sheets of lasagna noodle encase chicken, tomatoes, spinach and sauteed mushrooms, with a little shaved parm on top, all swimming in a delicious light chicken broth. My husband had.. wait for it.. meat. Short rib osso bucco to be exact which he enjoyed.

The kids were able to specify what noddle they wanted with which sauce. They choose penne in a creamy cheese sauce (what the waitress called mac and cheese.) They loved it and actually finished their small bowls (though my husband said it tasted like Velveeta)

The wrongly named Nutella cake was delicious (and ordered in honor of a friend who could finally eat nutella after years of abstaining) though I was expecting something a bit different. A warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed hazelnuts on top.

Though NoRTH is part of a chain (the FOX Restaurant Concepts) this is a great place for a fantastic meal for both kids and adults alike. You can pretend you are still a little hip while you wipe that chocolate sauce off your child's forehead.

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  1. You ate Nutella cake in honor of me???? You are MY FAVORITE resturant reviewer!!!! ha ha ha.... Aweosme!