Friday, March 12, 2010

This just in...

I am so excited! My favorite blog, that I read religiously-Cafe Society of the Westword,( just reported that Daphne's Deli on Corona will soon be Waffle Brothers come April. Up until now, Waffle Brothers has been operating out of a cart on the 16th street mall and at farmers markets in the summer.

This is great news on so many accounts. First, because this will be occurring right around the corner. Second, because Waffle Brothers waffles are so incredibly delicious- sweet and crispy and made even more decedent by the numerous items you can top them with. Third, because they will be expanding the menu and serving soups and salads and additional breakfast items. And lastly because we were never quite satisfied with Daphne's as a neighborhood place and have been longing for a good one. We look forward to just stopping by to pick up a treat on Sunday morning or ice cream for a day in the park.

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  1. So, when we went there, was it when Daphne's was just opening? This sounds wonderful! Yeah for waffles.... and what a great location! You must go on opening day! :)