Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disappointments at Bistro One

1294 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210
(720) 974-0602

The first time at Bistro One felt like we were in on a secret no one knew about. The second time felt more like the secret your best friend tells you that really wished she had just kept to herself. This restaurant was been getting pretty glowing reviews over the last year and I expected it has only gotten better.

Though we were brought to a booth that was quite large and roomy for our family and guest, it felt very strategic that we were put as far back and as close to the kitchen as can be. The waitress was accommodating and told us options for the kids that weren't on the menu. However there was a fancy mac and cheese on the menu with bacon, jamon and crawfish (which they wanted on the side) that they loved. The appetizer portion was enough for the 2 to share. When asked about specials, the waitress told everything was special which just basically means your SOL if you didn't find anything on the menu you want.

I got the salmon as did our dinner guest and we both thought it tasted fishy. Which is evidence that it was probably frozen. Not a huge surprise for a landlocked state such as ours, but for a high end restaurant I expect a little more. It came served over asparagus fritters of which all I could taste was fried doughiness. I am not of the camp that anything tastes better fried, so they were very unappealing to me. The onion soup was fantastic, a rich broth (which I like to pretend is not made from beef) with croutons (though I prefer bread better) and lots of melty cheese on top.

The salads were tasty with creative dressings but seemed rather small portions.My husband's steak frites were good and what a bistro should be about but not worth retuning just for them.

Dessert were not interesting to us so we skipped them altogether which is even more disappointing after a less than wonderful dinner. I at least what a dessert to cover it up. I feel sad to say we won't return but there are lots of other places in Denver I can spend less money to have an mediocre dinner.

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